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Aquabus 850T


Photovoltaic cells of the last generation, in conjunction with maintenance free batteries and an 8 kW electrique motor, deliver over 8 to 10 hours of autonomy. The Aquabus 850T is completely free of atmospheric and sound emissions and vibrations.


Thanks to the highly efficient and performant electro-solar propulsion, the running costs are very low. A whole day of navigation, even without sunlight (or a night!) will cost you less than 1 €.

Comfortable and cosy

The Aquabus 850T accommodates 12 passengers comfortably. Thanks to the noise-free motor and good manoeuvrability, navigation is a real pleasure. The sun is the principal source of energy of the Aquabus 850T.

Technical characteristics

Length over all 8.5
Beam over all 2.5
Draft, loaded 0.55
Displacement, empty 2000
Displacement, loaded 2900
Power (electric) 8
Battery tension 48
Surface of PV cells 3.3
Cruising speed 8-9  km/h
Autonomy without sunlight at cruising speed ~8
Number of passengers 12
Design category according to Dir 94/25 CE C

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