(17.1.18) Grove Boats SA participes to the French "Rencontres du Tourisme fluvial", taking place in Bordeaux on February 1st and 2nd 2018


Grove Boats SA is now a partner in the Econav network and a member of the UK Electric Boat Association.

Grove Boats is now a partner in the Econav network, whose objective is the promotion of "clean navigation”, defined as the generic term covering all the ecological options throughout the boats lifecycle (from construction, usage till their deconstruction) within all boating related industries (fishing, recreational, transportation, services, for both public and private usages). "Clean" navigation is a responsible approach for all users and economic actors on the sea and waterways. It campaigns so that respect for the environment is at the heart of decisions made in the various maritime and nautical sectors and encourages users and professionals to promote and develop "greener" solutions for the future.

Furthermore, our company was admitted to the "UK Electric Boat Association", founded in 1982 to promote the development of electric boats, and regrouping both private boat owners as well as professionals involved in electrical propulsion for boats.
The association is a key player in the British market, a forerunner of electric propulsion for ships and a strong relay in negotiations with the river authorities and government departments concerned with navigation on the UK waterways.
A boat designed and produced by the Grove Boats team has been sailing for over 5 years in the Chichester Harbour Conservancy (the “Solar Heritage"). We hope to soon see other Grove Boats units in this promising UK market.

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