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Electronic and electricity for boats

Electronics, electricity and automatisation become more and more important - not least on boats. Be it to help you during the navigation, to supply more comfort, to manage the energy, the communication or safety on board. We are here to help you finding the solution that best fits your requirements. Some examples:

  • Navigation hub (incorporating compass, windspeed, log, GPS, radar, fish-finder, etc.)
  • Means of communication (VHF, satelite comunication)
  • Supervision (all the necessary controls and gauges can be combined on one or two screens so that you have all relevant information of your boat on hand)
  • Datalogging (the vast amount of information from speed, wind, temperature, energy consumption, battery tension etc that can be generated on your boat can easily be logged throughout your voyage.)
  • Automation of the energy managment of your craft.
  • Energy production and distribution on your boat.

Don't hesitate to contact us. We will happy to answer all your questions regarding the energy needs of your project.





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