(17.1.18) Grove Boats SA participes to the French "Rencontres du Tourisme fluvial", taking place in Bordeaux on February 1st and 2nd 2018


(15.07.15) World Premiere : the North West Passage ... with solar electric kayak and a Torqeedo motor!

Raphael Domjan, initiator of the first tour around the world with a solar boat (Planet Solar) is heading towards new adventures.. Accompanied by the French sailor Anne Quéméré, he is attempting another world premiere: the Great North West Passage crossing, on a kayak!

Grove Boats, als leading reseller of Torqeedo outboard motors in Switzerland, has enabled the connection to the German makers management.. that agreed to partner with Raphael expedition and provided him with a 7 kg Torqeedo Ultralight motor, a piece that anyone can buy!!!

Our best wishes to Anne and Raphaël, whom you can follow on his blog.


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