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The Aquarel is emblematic of the Aquabus range, with its roof completely covered with composite photovoltaic panels, its futuristic design and its front that is reminiscent of the beak of a friendly seagull!

This unit first launched in the 1990s has lost none of his panache. Photovoltaic panels of the latest generation can produce up to 1.5 kW of electricity, making the ship largely autonomous in most situations.

The audience particularly appreciates its modern design and large side openings for observing the environment in peace, while being sheltered under the canopy of the solar roof. The entrance is via steps and a retractable stair facilitates access to the cabin. The captain sits comfortably in the cockpit and can communicate with its passengers using the sound system (optional)

Technical data

Length over all 10.5
Beam over all 2.5
Draft, loaded 0.55
Displacement, empty 3000
Displacement, loaded 4800
Power (electric) 8
Surface of PV cells
Power of PV cells > 1.5 kW
Battery tension 48
Cruising speed ~9-10
Autonomy without sunlight at cruising speed ~ 8  h
Number of passengers 24
Design category according to Dir 94/25 CE C

Options :

Glass bottom, Hybrid kit (range extender), A/C system, flat screen, LED lights. WC, sound system (radio/CD/MP3, micro, loudspeakers, geolocalisation system, fride,...)

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